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About Us

NeatClean Maids is a family-owned business, locally operated, providing over 13 years of customer satisfaction. The company has been built of hardworking individuals just like you, who understand that detail work makes a huge difference in a clean home. Its owners bring the hands-on experience and outstanding reputation of quality service. Furthermore, we are staffed with employees who have been in the business for over 15 years, whose experience and creative ideas help us improve our overall service in order to continue poviding high quality work.

All of our staff is sure to go through a full background check and drug testing. A regular NeatClean Maids Team will be assigned to your home. All staff is fully trained before entering your home. Your NCM team is:

Meet Our Team

NCM is a customer centered company that values close relationships with our customers. We, therefore, are pleased to introduce to you the faces that will soon become familiar to you -cordially providing you a cozy and pleasant environment. Our staff embodies the high ethical values and pride of quality that have allowed NeatClean Maids to become house cleaning service’s best. Equipped with years of hands-on experience, our team will make sure- with every NCM visit-that our high expectations are met and most importantly that your satisfaction is complete.

We have built a reputation with honesty, integrity and quality work. We will continue bringing this to every home.